Tool to Remove NSF Local Security

Tool Security Removal for Protected Lotus Notes NSF Files

Lotus Notes is an email application that is known for its tight security. When NSF files are protected with password, it becomes impossible for anyone to read the information stored in it. The only person that can access protected NSF file is that administrator, the one who encrypted it.

But sometimes, situations crop up when the owner of the NSF file itself forgets the encryption or is far from the reach of those who need to access data from protected NSF files. In such circumstances, a Tool Security Removal program to de-encrypt NSF files is required. Securase is one such powerful and most applauded NSF security remover tool that removes local security from NSF files, making the data stored in it accessible by other users in urgent and needful situations. The self-descriptive interface and excellent workability are the most remarkable features that make it a choice of numerous users.

Representation for Trial is Free

Representation for Trial is Free: With the free demo version of the software, you can judge software practicality, as how prominently this tool security removal program for NSF de-encryption works. With the testing edition, you will be provided with sample NSF files that will be protected with password. You can view the process of accessing protected database with the trial edition.

Consider a Scenario: Suppose one of your former employee created progress report of the year and stored it in NSF file with Protection. When you tried to open that password protected NSF file. You received an error message: "You are not authorized to access that database”. This generally leaves users in a helpless situation and you must be feeling the same. But with our tool security removal for NSF files, you can even remove local security from NSF file if you encounter this error message.