Software Screenshots

Easy Steps to Remove Local NSF Local Security

STEP 1: First, go to Start > Programs > Securase > Securase to open the initial software screen. Start-up Screen will appear as shown below:


STEP 2: - Now, click the ‘Button‘ for locating the Lotus Notes Database that has local security settings As you click the 'Browse button' following screen will appear:


STEP 3: - Here, select the NSF file and the 'Open button'. Software then displays the screen as shown below:


STEP 4: - After that, click the remove local nsf security button.

After that, click the ‘Remove Local Security‘ button. You will be asked whether you want to or not, as depicted below in the screenshot underneath:


STEP 5: - Then, choose ‘Yes‘ if you want to remove Local Security of Lotus Notes Database, otherwise choose ‘No‘. On clicking, Yes, software will display the screen showing successful removal of local NSF security as shown below:


STEP 6: - After using software, what to do with the output? After removing NSF database security, you can easily open that NSF file with Lotus Notes application.