NSF Local Security Removal Tool to Read Secured NSF File

NSF file protection is necessary when, an administrator does not want to share any information with other users and to secure NSF file information from unauthorized users, Lotus Notes provides special security feature ACL (Access Control Limit). After applying the security in NSF file, no one can open and read the information without getting exclusive right by admin.

However sometimes, this facility turns into obstacle, when it hampers your work. Owing of local security, you cannot perform some work operations such as read and open NSF file. In the absence of administrator, it becomes difficult to read NSF files and carry out any tasks.

Remarkably Excellent NSF Local Security Removal Tool

Do you want to read secured NSF file urgently? Use Securase application tool and get the full rights to perform different tasks like read and open NSF file. This tool is perfect amalgamation of high technology and ease. With this NSF local security removal tool, you can easily remove security of a database in Lotus Notes access and read NSF files.