Tool to Remove NSF Local Security Encryption

You Cannot Access Lotus Notes NSF Files: This type of situation can occur when, the NSF database file is encrypted by administrator and you are unable to access NSF file in absence of admin. Considering the security reasons, it is used to protect NSF files so that, administrator can set the local security in NSF database files. After encryption, unwanted users cannot open/read NSF files.

Urgent Need to Remove NSF Local Security: If you are in urgent need to open encrypted NSF files then, make use of an excellent commercial tool that can help you to remove restriction from NSF database easily. With in short period of time you will get perfect outcome by using commercial tool.

One thing is understandable that administrator using Lotus Notes has not given authority to access Notes .nsf files. If you try to open Lotus Notes database, you cannot employ even activities like editing, opening, modifications, editing, designing etc. This issue required to be handled diligently.

ACL or Access Control List Feature: In Lotus Notes, one unique feature exist ACL or Access Control List, which keeps all the local securities as well as encryptions in NSF database files. Lotus Notes database is accumulation of users' contacts, journals, to do list, contacts, calendars etc. For the sake of high security purpose and to avoid unauthorized usage, this feature is used by NSF administrator. If anyone else makes an attempt to open NSF database, he/she will experience such faulty message: 'You are not authorized to perform that operation'

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Smart Software to Remove NSF Local Security: Use Securase tool to remove NSF local security encryption. With the help of this application tool, you can easily remove local Lotus Notes NSF security and you also get rid of the error messages such as "you are not authorized to access that database". This software is very easy in use and a non-technical user can also perform the process of unlocking NSF local security like an expert.