Notes.nsf file is not authorized to access the file

Can Solve Error: Notes.nsf file is Not Authorized to Access the File

IBM Lotus Notes is one email client that is the choice of experts because of its many facilities and among them the advance security options offered by the Notes as an email client is highly appreciated. Lotus Notes provides two kind of security to the NSF files as:

  • Application Level Security
  • Administrator Level Security

Even though this security facilities help to secure the NSF stored data from unauthorized usage, it is problematic when the password used to secure the NSF file is lost or the administrator who knows the password is unavailable at the moment. The whole data that are in the NSF file will be accessible or viewable only when the encryption imposed on them is removed. This can be a herculean task that will be termed as impossible by the user as without breaking the security the NSF files will not be accessible and also it is not easy to break the password that is created on the files. Whenever the user will be trying to open the encrypted files then the error message as Notes.nsf file is not authorized to access the file will emerge.

Notes.nsf file is not authorized to access the file

It is not the message Notes.nsf file is not authorized to access the file, which emerges with the action from user side to open the NSF files that are encrypted, but there are other messages that can be categorized under the error messages or warning messages that indicates the inaccessibility of user to open the NSF files without proper authority support. Some of the error messages are

  • 'You are not authorized to perform that operation'
  • 'Notes.nsf file is not authorized to access the file'
  • 'You are not authorized to access that database'

Solve Error Messages that Block Access of Encrypted NSF Files

To solve the error messages and to access the NSF file data it is necessary that the NSF file encryption should be removed and for that it is secure to employ a reliable external tool, that promises to remove NSF encryption and the guarantee of data integrity to be kept intact. The Securase software specialized in resolving the error messages related with the NSF encryption as the tool will break the local NSF security imposed on the NSF files for security, in the absence of administrator or when the password is lost. By Removing the Local Security user will be able to open the NSF file and thus can carry out the work, so Securase is a name that can be trusted to open secured NSF file in the absence administrator.