Perfectionist Lotus Notes Admin Security Remover

Lotus Notes Access Control List ACL: The Access Control List or ACL is the security that regulates this aspect that who will have access to what resource, and also what sort of access will be allowed (from compose, write, read, and delete). The resources that are under this ACL control basically include the Servers, along with individual databases, and documents, & fields within those documents. IBM Lotus Notes ACL controls consist of the following levels:

  • Depositor: Depositor is allowed to write to any Lotus Notes database
  • Reader: Reader is allowed to read documents the Lotus Notes database
  • Author: Author is allowed to create new documents. They can also read other document but are not allowed to modify the documents that are already present in the Lotus Notes database
  • Editor: Editor is allowed to read, write and even update the documents present in the Lotus Notes database
  • Designer: Designer is allowed to update or even modify the design as well as the layout of the Lotus Notes database
  • Manager: Manager is the one who "owns" the Lotus Notes database. Manager has the power to add and even delete any user from the ACL

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Lotus Notes Admin Security Remover: You were a user and if the manager deleted you from ACL now, for some urgent official work, you need to perform some operation on the Lotus Notes database, but cannot do so in the absence of the administrator, then finding a Lotus Notes Admin Security Remover tool will help. We provide you such tool it is Securase software.