How to Open Notes Protected Database? Advance Tool is Helpful

To get the solution for the query of How to Open Notes protected database files, advance tool available in the market with the name Securase is helpful. Securase is one product that comes with excellent facilities to facilitate the process of restriction removal from the Notes NSF database files. The whole data from the NSF files that is protected and restricted from being accessed can be accessed by removing the local security imposed on the file.

Unable to Open, Access and Read Notes Files? Securase is the Solution

Due to local security imposed the NSF files are often inaccessible and if any user want to access the data from NSF files in the absence of administrator then no other way other than remove NSF local security is advisable. The Securase software is optimized to remove the local security of Notes NSF database and thus user will be able to open, read and access the NSF database free of restriction.

How to Open Notes Secured Files is Solved Reliably with the Tool

Software is advanced intuitive solution to remove local security and thus is one important accessory that each Lotus Notes user should possess. Some of the most attractive lineaments of the software are given here:

  • Remove NSF local security
  • No technical knowledge required
  • GUI is highly simple and easy to understand
  • Self narrative instruction on the screen of software to follow
  • Follow the screen tips to get the query How to Open Lotus Notes solved
  • Any error message like:"you are not authorized to access Lotus Notes database", that blocks the accessibility of the NSF files can be removed
  • Software is so easy to use and still 24x7 support team arranged to solve the related queries