Local NSF Security Breaker Software

Our Securase is the intelligent local NSF security breaker software to simply break NSF security from local NSF file. Securase is most simple and intuitive NSF security remover tool which allows to easily open NSF files. Security setting breaker tool for NSF can completly Break NSF Security and remove local security error like “You are not authorized to access that database” in just single mouse click.


Try Securase Software is a powerful tool to Break NSF Security by using unique security remover techniques which make it better than the other security breaker or remover utility. By using the lotus notes security setting breaker software you can make your NSF file readable after deleted its local security through our prominent tool.

Download NSF Security Breaker Tool

But this best security breaker tool doesn’t work in only one situation, where you are getting error message "This database has local access protection and you are not authorized to access it locally".